Empty (blog) has been around since September 2003. It is my attempt at staying creative and keeping the eye active by trying to take a picture (or more) everyday (also while on the road with Voicst)

That being said this past May 2018 the last 15 years of blog posts (not images) were deleted somehow and now I have to start again, slowly rebuilding everything.

For the past 15 years I’ve been experimenting with analogue camera’s again. Items that I find at flea markets and such. Film is much more appealing to me these days. And so much easier to develop at home.

I occasionally post to Flickr and Instagram gets some use too.

You can purchase prints of my pictures. I am also for hire to photograph anything. Or just send me a note on the form below.

Previously in Montreal, Quebec for some months, always in love with Maine and now back in The Netherlands.